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What We Do.

Resolve Development and Advisory is a real estate analytics and development management firm providing consultation and advisory in pre-development, execution, and development.


Specializing in all things residential development, we understand that not every project has a one-size-fits-all solution.  We offer fully customizable services including Due Diligence, Entitlements & Permitting, Consultant Selection & Management, Development Budget Creation & Management, as well as Owner Representation and bespoke Construction Management services.

Our Services.

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Due Diligence,


We begin with the end in mind and improve investment accuracy with the review of site reports, environmental assessments, entitlements and zoning, and market research and analysis. We work to identify and manage strategic solutions in conjunction with consultants to ensure the needs of all stakeholders, governing agencies, municipalities, and neighborhoods are addressed.

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Geotechnical Studies

  • Boundary / Topographic / Tree Surveys

  • Phase I ESA

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Consultant Selection & Management

We provide coordination and guidance on the selection of both local and remote consultant teams and establishing a pursuit milestone schedule. Our coordination efforts encompass both due diligence and entitlements, creating a seamless transition into schematic, design development, and construction drawings.

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& Management

In the effort to establish and identify how soft costs development pursuit metrics affect desired performance returns, our team researches and assembles all soft costs and processes to create an accurate soft cost development budget.

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Owner Representation 
& CM Services

We provide owner representation during the complete life cycle of the development process from conception to completion.

  • We work with selected CM firm to manage and maintain the filing of reports, plans, documents, correspondence, and approvals.

  • We assist our clients in the preparation of certain closing docs,  compilation of studies, study updates for closing, and answer lender and equity questions and issues.

Whether your development needs are diverse and unrefined or narrow and specific, we tailor solutions for every client and every project. From initial conception and design to completion, let us know how we can help Resolve your goals.

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